“Donel and I worked together for almost 6 years while I transitioned into a new career.  She helped facilitate a huge life change step-by-step and week-by-week.  She was highly instrumental to both my personal and professional development during what could have been a very stressful time.  I would recommend Donel to anyone whether in the middle of a transition or just wanting to plan ahead.  Her guidance is the best!”

- Kyle W Nowadnick, CFP®, FIC, LUTCF
Thrivent Financial®

"Donel has provided me with guidance and support throughout my entire life, both professionally and personally. She is honest, caring, and encourages you to become your most true and powerful self.

I’ve reached out to Donel when I have been in crisis mode and the decision or situation in front of me was too overwhelming to sort through on my own. Each time, Donel has provided me with deep insight and clarity so that I was able to make the right choice for me.  Whether you’re struggling with a crossroads, a life transition, or planning for the future, Donel’s coaching will set you on the path to success and to your most authentic life."

- Bethany Carlsen, Head Brewer
Pacific Brewing and Malting

"Donel was working for a financial planning firm and recruited me to come and try financial advising. She carefully mentored, and pushed me through the tests which I easily passed with her assistance and business building my first year went well. Donel taught me the values of fighting for my own autonomy, and that wanting success has to be like wanting to breathe.  I had a lot of new clients and was getting the hang of the planning process. The problem was, that my heart just wasn’t in it.  This is the part that blew my mind, Donel's success was largely dependent on how I was doing as a new planner but she could tell my heart was other places.  Donel pushed me to go pursue my dreams of being a police officer which I did, and got hired with the Bellevue Police Department.

Police work is often like managing a small business with case work, finding new business, and a passion and drive to constantly improve your product. I was blown away by how much I had taken away from Donel. She taught me how to compartmentalize problems, and divide macro problems into micro solutions. Donel’s leadership allowed me to go out and flourish in a job that has nothing to do with my training or experience and be successful in a field I knew nothing about. She told me what I lacked in experience I made up for in enthusiasm. I found that attitude quickly translated into a highly successful police officer."

- Officer Brian Blankenstein
Bellevue Police Department (P480)

"It started with a handshake - a bad one from this Southern girl. It seems silly but I had the handshake of a debutante - not of a confident business woman. Donel taught me to stand on my own with the handshake of a powerful woman. 

Power comes in many forms. Donel taught me that power sometimes comes as a quiet whisper and she helped transform my career and coached me when to make the next strategic move towards my strengths and to listen to that little voice that told me that it was time to make my next move. 

Donel has seen me transform into a woman who I am proud of. One who takes chances and faces obstacles with courage instead of reservation, takes criticism as a challenge not an insult, and creates opportunity out of roadblocks. 

It started with a handshake and ended with the powerful woman I have become."

- Jenny Stokes, FIC, LUTCF
Financial Associate, Thrivent Financial®


"Donel and I worked together as business partners in our Financial Planning Practice. She masterfully demonstrated keen insights into the financial planning needs of our clients and their families. Her ability to get to the heart of the matter supported clients to make prudent and sound financial decisions.

Now, Donel is focusing on her coaching practice. I encourage my clients to engage her services in order to short cut the pathways to achieve their personal and financial goals."

- Cherylee Chapman, CLTC
Financial Planner, Bellevue Washington