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Donel J. Steves believes that every person’s journey can best be described through the metaphor of an intricate, woven tapestry. If viewed from the wrong side, the creation appears to be little more than a tangle of knots and thread. But when viewed from the other angle, those tangles weave together perfectly, creating a complete picture.

As a coach, Donel helps her clients understand both the complexity and the intentionality of the tapestry that is their life. As a professional, Donel herself has donned many hats, but her own personal through-line has remained constant:  providing guidance to others.  With fifteen years in management for Thrivent Financial (a Fortune 300 Financial Services firm), Donel achieved Partner Status and coached her Financial Advisors to nationally recognized success. Prior to her career in financial services, Donel spent over ten years in Congregational and Music Ministry, providing both spiritual and personal guidance to others. And like most, Donel’s lengthy career began in an unlikely place: fashion. But as the Human Resources Manager for Nordstrom's second largest store in the nation, Donel began to flex her muscles as a leader, and helped her team uncover their best selves.

On its own, each chapter of a person’s life might not make sense in the larger picture, but each chapter serves an intentional purpose. Donel helps her clients uncover their own through-line, and in doing so, guides them to the discovery of their purpose and encourages them to live each chapter to the fullest.


A Coach Carries a Very Important Person to the Destination of Their Choosing